Welcome to Weock -The Electronics Hood.

Electronics forms the foundation of all modern technology.Every mobile phone, smartphone or not has a basic circuit inside and is made of many other supplementary circuits to provide us with best features. Every  computer,laptop or PC is made of circuits. Basically, what comes to our mind when we hear Electronics is circuits.

Electronics is much more than just analyzing circuits. Electronics, I can say is applied science, finding its roots in Physics. Electronics developed to great extent after Quantum Physics gained momentum in this modern world.

Wikipedia tells,     “ElectronIntroics is the science of how to control electric energy, energy in which the electrons have a fundamental role.”


Basically we are playing around with Law of conservation of Energy and then extending it into many applications and discovering new concepts in this exciting field of Electronics.


Electronics is not just circuits, it involves lot of concepts and understanding.


Here you will find all about Electronics basics needed for going into deeper aspects such as Internet of Things, micro-controllers such as Arduino and learning to use Raspberry Pi.