Xtreme Defender – Setting up the Structure for the Project

So, I started my project with planning and setting up the base for my home (which will be protected eventually). The main motto was to use the recyclable material as much possible. Also, I wanted the structure to be super strong which can bear the periodic wear and tear which will occur in making the Project. Moreover, the House should at least look similar to the general concept of a modern house.

Got great help from a friend studying Architecture (shoutout for) – Tusshar Bhan

So, I began with an Amazon Box (something like below)

amazon box

I did some planning for the structure of project with resources on the internet and knowledge of my own. Afterwards, I came up with the basic layout of the house and start cutting the box into suitable pieces with proper dimensions.

cutting the box into peices

Now, the next thing was to keep in mind the embellishment of the structure so that it is soothing to the eyes. Therefore I wrapped it with the white sheets which will continue to act a wallpaper for the walls.

structure covered with white sheets

Afterwards, the walls were ready and the necessary cut was made for the doors and windows. Plus I also made some cuts at the intersection of the walls to give an extra Stability to the overall structure.

walls made and structure blueprint

Now, the walls were erected and random cardboard board pieces were transformed into an (at least) house looking structure.

house looking structure

So, guys, this was the first step towards the making of the Xtreme-Defender, Home Security System.

Do check out the next section of the project.

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