Anatomy Of Internet Of Things : Hardware & Services

Internet of Things is a buzzword these days in the IT sector. With all new devices and services introduced everyday and big players of IT industry like Google and Apple launching there IOT devices, it looks like its going to be a big breakthrough in the world.

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Though many people are aware of the concept of Internet of Things but certainly they don’t have enough knowledge regarding the hardware and software used.

Here at Weock we have dissected the concept of IOT in a way so that all the scattered pieces in the mind of our audience are joined together.

The Hardware Squad

The hardware squad make up the visible section of your project. It consists of all the sensor, boards and communications devices.

A. IOT Devices

These devices make up the mainframe of you IOT project

1. Embedded System Boards

The embedded system boards are the brain of your project in which your program will run. You might even have one of these boards with you

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Intel Galileo
  • Gadgeteer
  • Beaglebone
  • Cubieboard
  • Electric Imp
raspberry pi iot
Raspberry Pi

2. Wearables

These are the devices which can be worn on your body and they will collect data and give information. If you are not a hardware freak then you can buy one of these wearables and start writing programs.

  • Google Glass
  • Samsung Gear 2
  • Pebble Watch
  • Misfit Shine
  • Android Wear
samsung galaxy gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

B. Sensors and Actuators

Sensors and Actuators are the devices which collect data and act on the environment.

(we will be explaining each of these devices very soon)


1. Sensors

Sensors collect data from environment and give the data to microcontroller for processing

  • Temperature Sensor (eg. DHT11)
  • Light (eg. LDR, IR)
  • Radio (eg. RF and FM)
  • PIR motion Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor (eg. HC-SR04)
  • Air Quality Sensor
PIR Sensor

2. Actuators

Actuator are electronics devices which act on the environment based on instructions given by micro-controller

  • Servo Motor
  • Gear Motor

3. Display

Used to display necessary information

  • TFT
  • 7 segment display
  • LED
  • LCD display

4. Relay and Switches

Used to turn devices ON/OFF

C. Smart Devices (connectivity)

These are modules which help in establishing communication between various devices

  • GPSgsm module iot
  • GSM
  • BLE
  • WIFI
  • GPRS
  • RFID
  • NFC


The Platform and Services Squad

These are the technologies which are currently being used in the field of Internet Of Things.

  1. RIOTifttt-logo
  2. Carriots
  3. Lithouse
  4. Sensinode
  5. IFTTT (if this than that)
  6. Arrayent
  7. Alljoyn
  8. ioBridge

Congratulations, if you read the whole article then you have successfully dissected the giant know as Internet Of Things. These are all the concepts which make up the IOT.

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