How to Install and Configure SSH Server on a Ubuntu Desktop

We usually use SSH to access Cloud Servers or IoT gateways – like Raspberry Pi, but sometimes a situation arises where we need to SSH into our desktop for some or other reasons. Or maybe you want to install SSH Server to a Ubuntu OS for a completely different purpose. That’s fine because here we will discuss how to install and configure SSH Server for your Ubuntu Machine.

You can use this method for any version of Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu or any other OS based on Debian. Know more about terms like – LINUX, UNIX, Debian, Ubuntu, Kernel, GNOME, GNU, APT, RPM, YUM, GNOME


3 Steps to Install and Configure SSH on Ubuntu via Terminal

  1. Install SSH-Server : sudo apt install openssh-server
  2. After installation the SSH service will start automatically, you can verify it by running sudo systemctl status ssh it will show “active running”. Press “q” to quit
  3. Now you need to enable ssh from firewall by using this command : sudo ufw allow ssh

That’s all now you can connect to your ubuntu machine by using ssh username@host-ip

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